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Moderna Vaccine Interaction with Dermal Fillers

The FDA has reported that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine may cause facial swelling (angioedema) in people who have facial fillers. In all three cases reported by the FDA, the swelling was localized and either resolved itself without intervention, or after simple treatment. Furthermore, according to FDA medical officer Rachel Zhang, a flu vaccine, and influenza have been known to trigger these side effects as well.

Our immune system is designed to counteract any foreign substances. Certain unknown factors following a viral infection, or vaccination, may occasionally cause your body to view your dermal filler as extrinsic, causing such reactions as facial swelling and inflammation. This is a rare side effect, and it is easily treatable with antihistamines and prednisone, which is a type of steroid.

While cosmetic patients should be aware of the possibility of localized swelling in response to the vaccine, it is important to remember that these cases are rare and the effects are easily treatable. All patients should consider the benefits of receiving the vaccine along with the reported risks. This shouldn’t stop anyone from getting preventative treatment, or from getting facial filler.

If patients who have had facial fillers notice any swelling at the site of their filler injection post Moderna vaccine administration, please notify the office so we can assess the need for treatment.

Smile confidently!

Gummy Smile occurs when people smile, and their upper lip elevates too far above their upper teeth, exposing gums and producing an unattractive smile. One of the causes is hyperactive muscle which elevates the upper lip. According to dentists and cosmetic surgeons, the ‘ideal smile’ sees the upper lip drape over the top of the teeth, with only two millimeters of gum showing.

Fortunately, the “gummy smile” could be corrected safely and effectively with Botox or Dysport injections that reduce the activity of the muscle that elevates the lip. The low dose of Botox is injected into the upper lip “elevator” muscles. It is inhibiting contraction of the upper lip and makes gums less visible. Treatment is quick and inexpensive, results last 3-4 months.  Schedule your free consult today!


Gummy Smile

Now Offering Facial Treatments

We’ve enhanced our skincare offerings by adding three new facial treatments to Age Perfectly’s service menu.

A Hydrafacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that performs cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously.

The Ultrasonic Facial uses high-intensity frequency ultrasound (HIFU) to cleanse, repair, tighten, and stimulate the skin.

VI Peel is an effective approach to achieving healthier and younger looking skin, well-tolerated, and delivers results in as little as 7 days. These peels are also multi-taskers, nurturing skin with vitamins and minerals while going through the exfoliation process.

Learn more about facial treatments we offer and pricing.