PRP - platelet rich plasma



Your platelet rich plasma is a nutrient packed serum that your body regularly uses to heal and nourish itself. When isolated and infused into your skin it can repair damaged cells and rapidly stimulate hair growth. The JetPeel’s subsonic pressure delivers the PRP down to the dermis with a precise control for effective results.


Everyone can benefit from the intense healing properties of platelet rich plasma (PRP). It has been clinically proven and successfully employed as the gold standard for restoring damaged tissue & skin discolorations, increasing hydration & firmness, improving texture & tone, repairing fine lines & wrinkles, and treating dermal injuries such as acne scarring & stretch marks.


If you are someone struggling with stress related hair loss, thin hair, a receding hairline, a widening part, bald spots or an unhealthy scalp you are a perfect candidate for this safe and natural procedure.⁠ PRP treatments for the hair can improve scalp health, reduce the amount of shrinking hair follicles, slow the loss of existing hair and promote new growth. JetPeel allows us to provide an effective treatment without the pain or discomfort, and absolutely no down-time.

  • Your blood is drawn by our Physician Assistant
  • Your blood is processed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • Your Face or Scalp is cleansed and exfoliated in preparation
  • Facial and Body treatments incorporate lymphatic drainage
  • Your PRP is then deposited in the desired area for a safe and natural correction

PRP UNDER EYE rejuvenation:

The tear troughs are located at the inner corner of the eyes, next to the nose. As we age, we begin to encounter problems with that particular facial feature in the form of hollowing, often due to a depletion of fat in that area. This can also occur in much younger patients due to a loss of cheek volume or weight fluctuations. This hollowness creates a sunken, almost gaunt look, that can add years to a person’s appearance.

Injecting the tear trough area presents a challenge for both the provider and the patient. The potential complications are many, and avoiding them is never guaranteed. PRP injections allow the body to heal and regenerate itself over a series of treatments, offering improvements for skin laxity, tired, hollow, sunken and discolored eyes in a safe and effective manner.

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