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Feminine Health - Votiva


InMode’s Votiva is a radiofrequency (RF) technology that addresses both internal and external vaginal issues, including sexual dysfunction. Patients can select FormaV (internal), FractoraV (external), or both during their Votiva treatment. It helps with urinary incontinence, dyspareunia (painful intercourse), vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation, perineal scarring from childbirth, and vaginal laxity. The Votiva system uses safe and effective radio-frequency technology to treat internal tissue, reduce pain and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. The same approach is taken to treat externally, creating a tightening and remodeling effect.

The vagina is an elastic muscle and it expands due to childbirth and age. The decrease in our hormone production reduces the strength of the muscle and the surrounding connective tissues. The organ loses elasticity, leading to stress urinary incontinence. It can turn a laughing fit or fun workout into a stressful and potentially uncomfortable situation. The skin also becomes dry and thin causing discomfort and loss of sensation. Intimacy loses its youthful thrill, and becomes less exciting for both, us and our partners.


Votiva’s function is to increase the blood flow to the vagina to correct tissue laxity, dryness, stress incontinences, and loss of sensitivity. It results in internal and external tissue tightening, tissue regeneration and increase in sensitivity. In the past, surgery was the only option. Now, with Votiva, we can experience the complete rejuvenation through 3 treatments, spaced 2-4 weeks apart, that are short and pain free. The results become obvious 2-3 weeks post your treatment and last 1-2 years.


Votiva will not disappoint you, instead it will turn back time!







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