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Minimally invasive procedures, like Botox or Fillers, can result in bruising if a vein is accidentally scratched. Even the most skilled providers can occasionally knick a vein since everyone’s anatomy is different and veins aren’t always visible. The face is particularly prone to this given its vascular nature.

AccuVeinHow do we avoid this and spare you the tell-tale signs of an injectable procedure? 

With the help of AccuVein – a device that visually maps vessels – allowing us to reduce the risk of bruising. Age Perfectly invested in this cutting-edge technology because we take pride in our patient care and results. Being able to see a roadmap of your veins gives both parties the confidence to make your procedure as effective as possible. Plus, less bruising means less social downtime!

How AccuVein work?

AccuVeinThe device is passed over the treatment area on the patient’s body. AccuVein emits a safe, infrared laser. As the laser is absorbed by hemoglobin, the vessels and veins under the skin’s surface show – allowing them to be distinguishable from tissues.

The contrast between the veins and surrounding tissue allows your provider to skillfully avoid delicate blood vessels in the treatment area. While AccuVein significantly decreases the chances of bruising, it does not eliminate the possibility of bruising all together.

Age Perfectly is excited to offer this. Hopefully, it helps you cross bruising off your worries list!

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