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Via Dallas News and Aesthetic Medicine News:

“Pump up the volume!

That’s the latest rallying cry among those in the front lines of the war on aging. The sagging facial skin that was once made taut by going under the surgeon’s knife is now being restored to more youthful fullness using needles and cosmetic fillers instead. And marionette lines aren’t the only things getting plumped. The noticeable places where we lose volume are under and around the eyes, and in the cheek-hollow area under the cheekbone which causes the skin to fall down and toward the center of our face, causing a hollowed appearance. The nasolabial folds get accentuated and the marionette lines down from the corner of the mouth get more noticeable and tend to cause “jowling”.

Even earlobes show the effects of time, becoming creased and stretched from the pull of earrings. Injections can take out creases, making earlobes less flappy and flat. With each varied injection location comes a choice of filler agents, each with its own unique attributes, including composition, consistency, longevity and cost. When injected just under the skin, fillers not only “fill in” crevices and depressions, but plump by attracting fluid and, in some cases, stimulating collagen growth. That’s the beauty, so to speak, of fillers versus a facelift. Ever-advancing cosmetic fillers give patients more subtle changes and shorter recovery times.”