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Our hands take a beating over the years and, as a result, often give away our age. Skin laxity, volume loss, and sun damage can make the hands appear thin and wrinkled. Did you know that Sculptra injections can help turn back the clock when it comes to the appearance of your hands? It is very common for patients to complain about the aged appearance of their hands and wonder if there is something they could do to improve it. Our bodies lose collagen during the aging process, which causes volume loss, and can lead to the visibility of the veins and bones in the hands. With Sculptra injections, you can fill in lost volume, smoothing out hand wrinkles and giving hands a younger appearance.

Q: How long does Sculptra hand rejuvenation last? A: Sculptra injections produce fairly long lasting results because it stimulates collagen production. Many patients see results that last for up to one year after treatment.

Q: How much downtime is required after hand rejuvenation? A: There is practically no downtime! Most people can return to normal daily activities right after their treatment session.

Q: Is it painful? A:  Surprisingly, NO. Sculptra is mixed with lidocaine and we apply a topical numbing agent to the skin prior to injection to prevent the patient from experiencing discomfort, you won’t feel much past first nick.

Q: Are there side effects to Sculptra? A: All dermal fillers may cause slight bruising, redness, swelling, itching, or tenderness after the injection. In most patients, though, these side effects do not last more than just a few days.

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