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Non-Surgical Neck Lift with Dysport

Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen, a global icon of feminine beauty and power, has been the inspiration for a beautiful youthful neck for many centuries.

In-office procedure with no downtime.

Even though we can’t make your neck longer, we sure can make it look smoother and younger.

The platysma muscle plays a direct role in the appearance of the neck as people age. Its position and thickness can determine how and when we will show signs of aging. Over the course of time, as skin looses its elasticity, thick vertical platysmal bands become visible, running in a V-shape from bottom of the chin to the base of the neck.

Properly administered Botox /Dysport injections can relax this area and soften prominent neck bands.The non-surgical neck lift with Botox/Dysport is an in-office procedure that takes 15 min and no downtime.

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Let Us Make You Look Airbrushed for the Summer!

It has been a month since FDA approved Juvederm Vollure for use in the US. It is one of the most amazing products available to the American market now. Smooth, forgiving, natural and longer lasting. The results are FANTASTIC! You can book your  appointment at https://age-perfectly.com/appointments/

We are looking forward to making you look your absolute best.


Treatment with 2 ml Juvederm Vollure

Age Perfectly Clinic Now Offers Juvederm Vollure

Age Perfectly Clinic is one of the first clinics in Boston to offer Juvederm Vollure, known in Europe as Juvederm Volift,  launched by Allergan in April 2017 and now approved by FDA to be offered in US.

Unique Characteristics of Vollure:
Each filler in the Juvéderm® range contains a unique formulation of hyaluronic acid, which makes it the perfection treatment for specific problem areas or concerns. Vollure has a medium consistency, which allows it to be injected more superficially than other types hyaluronic acid fillers. The hyaluronic acid particles in Vollure have also undergone a different type of cross-linking process, which slows the filler’s degradation after it has been injected. The results of Vollure can be maintained for much longer than other Juvéderm fillers. Whereas Juvéderm Ultra typically lasts for 7 – 9 months, Vollure gives long lasting, smooth results up to 18 months after the initial injection.
It is one of the longest lasting fillers on the market anywhere in the world, and has achieved fantastic results from clinical trials.
Juvederm Vollure is primarily used for smoothing nasolabial folds (“smile lines”) that run from the side of the nose to the corners of one’s mouth, vertical lines around the lips, Marionette lines.
A Vollure treatment session lasts 30 minutes and results can be seen right away. Vollure contains Lidocaine (numbing medicine) to maximize client’s comfort.
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Aging Earlobes Treatment with Juvéderm

Aging Earlobes Treatment with Juvéderm



Just like in the rest of our face, our earlobes age. Sometimes wearing large or heavy earrings can cause the earlobes to tear and stretch. The skin also gets thinner adding to the wrinkling effect.

Some women start to feel self conscious about that. A quick and painless fix to earlobe wrinkles is to inject a little bit of filler into them. This immediately re-inflates the earlobes to their more youthful appearance and shape. The results are instantaneous and can last for up to one year.


Happy Birthday Botox


“Since its FDA approval for aesthetic treatment in April 2002, the neurotoxin Botox has gone from a somewhat controversial treatment to a celebrity-endorsed wrinkle remedy. Injectables have become the new norm in cosmetic treatment. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the most common nonsurgical procedures last year were Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers.

It’s come a long way from its origins as an FDA approved treatment for two rare eye muscle disorders (strabismus and blepharospasm). The original name, Oculinum, doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but shortly after Allergan secured that first FDA approval in 1989, the product was rebranded Botox. Once physicians realized that Botox could treat wrinkles, the rest was history.