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Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Clear & Brilliant Laser Treatment

 We are excited to announce that we are now offering the Clear & Brilliant laser treatment which defies aging and rejuvenates your skin. Also known as the “Mini Fraxel,” Clear & Brilliant resurfaces the top layer of skin using a gentle fractional laser to trigger cell renewal and stimulate collagen production. This award winning treatment is perfect for improving skin tone and texture, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring a youthful, healthy glow. Unlike

other skin resurfacing lasers, Clear & Brilliant is painless, safe on all skin types and requires no downtime, making it the ideal lunch time facial.

What are the benefits of Clear & Brilliant

  • Quick, convenient, minimally invasive & virtually painless
  • Helps skin look radiant, illuminated & glowing
  • Renews skin, leaving it smoother & softer Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Improves skin tone & texture
  • Healthy, glowing, youthful looking skin

How does laser skin resurfacing work?

Clear & Brilliant works from the inside out using the clear and brilliant laser to gently penetrate the skin with microscopic pinpoints of thermal energy. The penetration of thermal energy can trigger cellular turnover, which can replace the dead and dull outer layer of the skin with a new, rejuvenated layer. Clear and Brilliant also helps to maintain healthy skin by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen.

Clear & Brilliant before and after

Clear and Brilliant before and after pictures reveal dramatically rejuvenated skin. Results may vary but Clear and Brilliant before and after images depict real patients and demonstrate the results you can expect from your Clear and Brilliant treatment.

Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Hurt?

Clear & Brilliant is a gentle laser that produces dramatic results. It is virtually pain free and typically requires no downtime, unlike many other laser skin resurfacing procedures that can be uncomfortable and require days of downtime and recovery.

How long is the Clear & Brilliant procedure?

Laser Skin Resurfacing with Clear & Brilliant takes about 15-25 minutes for a complete session. Actual application of the Clear + Brilliant laser is approximately 10 minutes, making it the ideal lunch-time procedure.

Is Clear & Brilliant the right for me?

Anyone that wants healthier and more vibrant looking skin, with no downtime can receive great benefits from Clear + Brilliant treatments

When will I see Clear & Brilliant results?

Clear & Brilliant produces both immediate and progressive results. Most patients notice an immediate glow in their complexion. Within a few days to weeks after the Clear & Brilliant procedure, most patients report their skin becomes noticeably softer and more radiant. They also report a more even skin tone. The collagen synthesis stimulated by the Clear & Brilliant procedure can take 8 weeks to reach its full effects.

Are Clear and Brilliant reviews positive?

Clear and Brilliant reviews are raving. In a clinical study, over 92% of people who were treated with Clear & Brilliant noticed younger, healthier looking skin. They also stated that their skin felt smoother and appeared more radiant.

Are you ready for smoother, healthier, more radiant skin that looks flawless without makeup? Get started with a Clear & Brilliant treatment today!

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