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The use of cannula for facial enhancement has been quite popular in Europe for several years and now has become favored in the United States. The blunt tip provides a great number of advantages and is an alternative to sharp tipped needles.

Cannula is a small, blunt and flexible needle, it simplifies the filler injection process by requiring fewer punctures, it has the ability to cover a greater area in a single treatment. One or two entry points with the cannula can fill approximately half of a patient’s face, versus the sharp tip needle which requires multiple penetrations and covers less area.

This alone, reduces the length of the procedure as well as the discomfort and potential trauma associated with it. Patients experience less bleeding, swelling and bruising at the injection sites as the blunt tip of the cannula pushes the blood vessels aside instead of puncturing them, decreasing the downtime significantly. Patients are able to return to normal activities almost immediately.

Cosmetic Filler Injections Dermasculpt ® microcannulas are used to administer facial fillers, such as Restylane®, Juvederm®, Perlane®, Radiesse® and Sculptra® to alleviate patient discomfort and maximize results. Dermasculpt® is being credited as the most important innovation in the field since the invention of the HA fillers. The mechanical stimulation of fibroblast generates new collagen which is triggered by the Dermasculpt® microcannula’s back and forth motion. It allows the practitioner to literally sculpt the skin, recreating volume and erasing wrinkles and folds.

The main benefits of using Dermasculpt® microcannulas are: • virtually no bruising • considerably less pain • single point of entry for wider coverage • production of new collagen Contact Age Perfectly for your appointment!